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Discover our Top 10 spring steam cleaning applications.
2024-02-19 Dupray
Discover our Top 10 spring steam cleaning applications.

Discover our Top 10 spring steam cleaning applications.

Even if spring cleaning is never effortless, a professional home steam cleaner can make most cleaning tasks more manageable - and even enjoyable. Here is a list of the top 10 steam cleaning applications to zip through the process and arrive at a happy end.



Windows Dupray Spring Cleaning

After winter, remove dust accumulation on windows using the steam cleaner's window tool and the extension tubes. This process will save you a ton of paper towels and you'll simply use a microfiber cloth to wipe the ledges. Windows and glass surfaces can also be cleaned by straying steam on the surface followed by a quick wipe with a clean cloth. Don't forget to steam clean the patio door tracks.


Furniture & Mattresses

Furniture & Mattresses Dupray Spring Cleaning

Furniture like sofas, armchairs and mattresses all need a good cleaning at least once per year to remove dustmites, body oil, grease and food stains. Remember to always do a test on a small hidden surface, especially for very sensitive materials like genuine leather, natural suede and delicate upholstery.


Car Interiors

Car Interiors Dupray Spring Cleaning

I don't know about you, but I detail my car twice a year. I'm not talking about a typical Sunday wash but a deep interior cleaning. First, I vacuum everywhere and wipe all hard surfaces with a humid microfiber cloth. Then, I use the steam cleaner's lance to remove heavy stains, crumbles and dirt in hard to reach areas. The triangular tool is then used to clean seats (leather or fabric), headliners, ceilings and carpets. I finish the job with a last vacuum pass and the car looks like new!

If you have a motorcycle, there is nothing better than a steam cleaner to detail it and get it ready for the sunny season!


Grout & Tiles

Grout & Tiles Dupray Spring Cleaning

I hate dirty grout lines. It makes the whole tile floor look uneven and old. Grout cleaning is one of the most visual steam cleaning applications. Steam will do wonders on your kitchen, bathroom and hallway grout lines. If you have porous stones anywhere in the house, a good scrubbing with the floor tool can make a big difference.



Floors Dupray Spring Cleaning

There is nothing like a steam cleaner to make your floors look like new and feel fresh. A good pass on all floor surfaces will sanitize every corner of your house. Pay a special attention to traffic and pet areas.


Carpets and Area Rugs

Carpets and Area Rugs Dupray Spring Cleaning

Spring is the best time of the year to deep clean carpets, entrance mats and area rugs. This is where having a steam cleaner comes handy. After vacuuming all rugs, use the steam cleaner's rectangular tool with a microfiber cloth attached on the clips and pass steadily on the carpet. Maybe you have salt stains from the harsh winter? The lance and nylon detail brush will take care of those. Steam removes smells and refreshes carpets of all sizes.



Showers Dupray Spring Cleaning

This is quite a straightforward. Steam cleaning won't necessarily make miracles inside your shower but I like to shower in a clean, sanitized place that isn't covered in harsh chemicals.


Walls & Ceilings

Walls & Ceilings Dupray Spring Cleaning

Cleaning walls is a pain. You might as well get over it now while you are on a roll with all these other spring cleaning tasks. The rectangular tool, extension tubes and a good pile of cloths are your best friends here. Make sure you constantly change the cloth when it gets saturated with humidity.



Refrigerators Dupray Spring Cleaning

Refrigerators are a germ haven. Most recent refrigerators recommend steam instead of cleaning chemicals to sanitize shelves, rubber seals and drawers. Use your favorite steam cleaning tool to get the job done.



Clean the BBQ Dupray Spring Cleaning

Do you want a clean grill for the summer season? Get that barbecue a good detail job with the lance and a brass brush. Save this job for last and sit back, relax and enjoy a great summer!

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