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John's Complete Review of the Amazing Hill Injection Steam Cleaner
2024-02-23 Dupray
John's Complete Review of the Amazing Hill Injection Steam Cleaner

John's Complete Review of the Amazing Hill Injection Steam Cleaner

This article was written by John D., an experienced cleaning professional and a Dupray client.

As cleaning professionals, we’ve heard a few months ago about a vapor steam cleaner that claimed to be the most powerful 110v, portable steam machine on the market. We also didn’t want a single boiler machine that would force us to wait and depressurized the steamer when we would be out of water. Our tool of predilection was definitely a dual-tank, continuous refill steam cleaner that would produce steam 24h a day if needed. We wanted a machine that would use only tap water and wouldn’t cost much to operate (brushes from certain manufacturers can be expensive). This machine would help us cut chemical use drastically and save us a lot of money. Our team decided to give it a shot and after countless hours of use, I thought I’d try to give this fantastic cleaning tool an honest, unbiased review. After ordering our steam cleaner from Dupray’s specialists, we received it only a few business days after payment. I was impressed with the fast free shipping and the advice from Dupray’s team. Since we were going to use the machine for commercial use, we wanted the most powerful unit around with the highest quality and reliability. I later found out after bringing the unit home that this little marvel is also perfectly suitable for residential customers looking for a great machine that will last for years to come. While unpacking the steam cleaner, I quickly realize the high-quality look and feel of the accessories. It screams reliability and fine craftsmanship. This steam cleaner is very far from the cheaply made asian or plastic gadget that we see everywhere. The Hill Injection comes with all kinds of brushes, cleaning accessories and extension pieces to complete virtually any task or application. I was about to understand what all the hype around steam cleaners was all about about. Woah! The Hill Injection truly packs a punch! It took less than 10 minutes to fully heat up the machine up to 190 degrees Celsius (around 365 degrees F). I used the steam lance just to see how powerful the steam jet would be. I was scared it wouldn’t be up par with was I saw on video. What’s great with that machine is it weighs only 22 pounds, making it a really portable steam cleaner. All this said, I was extremely satisfied with what I saw and at this precise moment I knew I would use my machine extensively.

I couldn’t stop thinking of the many applications where this would save me time and money, while improving the quality of my work. Let me tell you that the Hill Injection TRULY goes up to 365 degrees F. A conveniently placed digital display indicate you at what temperature you are working. The highest pressure setting is only made for heavy-duty but short applications, as the pressure will eventually go down a bit. For prolonged work, medium or low setting is the way to go. At this extreme temperature, bacteria, mold and germs are killed instantly. Steam is also a good way to deodorize delicate furniture and office chairs. Of course, you can adjust the steam pressure on the handle for delicate applications that would require less steam or dryer steam. Another very useful feature of the Hill Injection is the ability to inject a powerful jet of boiling water to the steam to help flush out dirt and grease. We found that this feature is particularly good when cleaning ceramics, showers or very greasy kitchen equipment. I recently heard that steam cleaners are one of the government’s recommended methods for bed bug extermination and treatment of mattresses, cracks and furniture. There are really thousands of cleaning applications for steam cleaners. You have to see the unit working to fully realize the potential of the device. Window cleaning, children toys, wax and heavy stains on carpets, grout lines, car detailing, bathrooms and any hard to reach areas that accumulate dirt are now easy tasks thanks to our new Hill injection steam cleaner. On the technical side, we were happy to know that the boiler, the heart of any steam cleaner, is stainless steel made and carries a LIFETIME warranty. Also, it’s good to know that heating elements are easily changeable at a very low cost, so if after years of use, I need to replace them, I don’t have to change the whole boiler like other machines on the market. We found out that our Hill Injection was ready to use after only 8 minutes of heating time! On a final note, I’d like to say that we used to work mostly in kitchens, hospitals, offices and cinemas but we just recently bought our third machine really must try and compare this machine with other models around to see the world of difference and the Hill Injection’s huge cleaning power. For pictures or a video demo of this machine or accessories that come included please visit

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