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The Top Ten Things In Your House To Steam Clean
2024-04-08 Dupray
The Top Ten Things In Your House To Steam Clean

The Top Ten Things In Your House To Steam Clean

1. On Stainless Steel

Dry steam is perfect to clean and disinfect stainless steel without leaving any water or chemical residues. Simply pass on the surface with the triangular tool and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth for shiny and dirt free appliances.

2. On Your Bed

Steam cleaning is particularly useful on mattress and cushion when your have a bedbug problem, but it can also be used in your regular cleaning routine. Use the triangular tool all around the mattress and on the pillows to get rid of bacteria and prevent from a bedbug infestation.

3. On Mirrors

Steam is one of the only ecological solutions to obtain streak-free mirrors. Simply use the hose without any accessories to steam the surface and wipe it off with a cloth.

4. On Carpets

Steam removes virtually everything on your carpets, from wine stains to gum. Steam can be used even on delicate carpets and will remove odors and bacteria.

5. On Leather

Leather is another material that can benefit from being cleaned with steam: not only is it completely safe, it will also deliver maximal results as steam will clean deep in the pores of the leather surface.

6. On Stuffed animals and toys

Many people are wondering how to disinfect their children’s toys properly and without any risks. Steam is completely safe for the health of your child, as it contains only water and no chemicals are needed in the process. Cleaning with steam will bring you total peace of mind.

7. On Oven and Stove

Another difficult cleaning task that is now made easy! Steam has the power to remove all the residues and baked grease from your appliances. Use it on your stove or oven and see them shine like new.

8. On BBQs

Similar to the oven in terms of cleaning, there is often burned residues and grease accumulated on the surface of BBQs that usually require lot of time and effort to remove.

9. On Vent and HVAC

These areas always collect grease, dust, hair, and allergens. To make sure the air in your house remains clean and pure, steam clean your vent and HVAC whenever possible.

10.On Grouts

You will see the shocking difference instantly! Most people don’t realize how much dirt is accumulated on their grouts and tile until they use a steam cleaner on it.

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